York Croquet Club was formed in the spring of 1988 when a group led by Mike Haslam of York Cleaning Services hired a lawn at Beningborough Hall near
York and set up a knockout short lawn tournament. 

It soon became apparent that tuition was necessary to play the game effectively and courses were arranged by the more experienced members.

York Council came to the rescue with yet another bowling green and by 1993 we had moved to Scarcroft Road after roof repairs and in association with the Scarcroft Bowling Club we now have potential access to three fine lawns of bowling green quality.

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Croquet was spread around the globe in the late 1800’s by the British Empire. It was a new recreational and somewhat competitive sport quickly gaining popularity. At the turn of the twentieth century it was added as a sport in the Olympic Games, only to be taken back out again by the subsequent Olympic Games. Croquet was removed from the Olympic Games because countries could not agree on the rules. American croquet associations played by different rules than the European associations played. This created some conflicts on how rules would be dealt with at the international level. Croquet left the high level sports arena and was cast back down to be carried on executive car hire leeds and groups of croquet followers. It was also played for recreation in backyards and parks.

In the 1960’s and 70’ croquet began to gain back its lost ground. Large croquet clubs on the east coast of the US decided to compete with each other and agreed on some official rules. With official rules established and the establishment of the croquet association to govern those rules, croquet was played as a competitive sport once again. Since 1980, croquet has grown from a sport played by a few recommended Leeds moving companies to several thousand professional croquet players in North America today.
Nevertheless, croquet is still little known to many people especially as a competitive sport. Different rules have developed over time for croquet. The type of croquet that many recommended Leeds Roofing Contractors play in their backyards requires different rules than that played professionally in clubs and tournaments. The lawns are also trimmed like a golf course four tournament and club play, while backyard players will play on whatever grass is in the backyard. Different types of croquet set are used for different styles of croquet as well.  Usually backyard and recreational croquet sets are nine wicket sets ranging from four to eight players. Some professional croquet sets are six wicket sets with fancy mallets and balls designed for professional play on well kept fields.

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Croquet is both a recreational activity that anyone can play in their backyard, and a competitive sport gaining more popularity even as you read. Soon some of those backyard croquet players, currently oblivious to the fact, will become the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, our local tree surgeon of croquet, making millions of dollars winning tournaments and getting sports and athletic sponsors. Thousands will flock to their tournaments and millions will watch them on television.